Kokedama // i want to make this

Photograph from Stringgardens.com

And once again i wish my fingers were greener.
Because if they were, i might be able to make a lovely Japanese Kokedama / string garden like the one above.

I guess that's way out of my reach, but with the help of this tutorial i found on Gardenista, i might just be able to build a kokedama like this one:

Gardenista Kokedama DIY by Erin Boyle
Photograph via Gardenista


I want to hang my laundry on this | Foldwork by Studio Berg

Foldwork by Studio Berg (Friederieke Delius)
Photograph via Studio Berg

A brass cross-breed between a wall piece and a cloth rack. Yes please.
For more information and a stop-motion-like presentation of the use check out Studio Bergs' website.

Spotted here.


Water Balloon Room | Torafu Architects

Water Balloon Room (installation)
Torafu Architects for Konika Minolta Eco & Art Award
Photography courtesy of Torafu Architects

The Water Balloon Room was designed by Torafu Architects to dress up the Konika Minolta Eco & Art Award Exhibition last year.

Each 'lightbulb' is made by hand, using glass recycled from fluorescent lamps.
All bulbs are unique and have a unique pattern of bubbles inside them.

Water Balloon Room (installation)
Torafu Architects for Konika Minolta Eco & Art Award
Photography courtesy of Torafu Architects

I think these exquisitely made yet simple lamps would be perfect anywhere, i wonder if Torafu Architects decide to make it into a product. (Hope they do!)

Water Balloon Room (installation)
Torafu Architects for Konika Minolta Eco & Art Award
Photography courtesy of Torafu Architects


Crawling into this | Shao Yen, 2010

Waver by Shao Yen Chen, 2010
photography Johan Sandberg, Styling Joanna Schlenzka - for Centrefold magazine

Taiwan-born fashion designer Shao Yen graduated Central St. Martins with his Waver collection back in 2010. (He did internships with Alexander mcQueen and Hussein Chalayan)

Somehow i'd never seen this picture before and am in love with it now.
Maybe because it looks like something you can crawl away in, and i'm feeling like nesting at the moment.


Floating Flowers | Teamlab

Floating Flower Garden
Teamlab for Miraikan National Museum of emerging science and innovation in Tokyo
Photograph via Designboom

The weather is not really contributing to a spring-feeling right now, so we need to get our dose of greenery from other places.

How about this lush interactive presentation in Tokyo's Miraikan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation by Teamlab?

Over 2300 living and growing flowers are suspended from the ceiling and will interact with visitors: rising up to create space and make visitors feel like being part of the garden themselves.

Just one question: when will we have this installation in the Netherlands?
I want to live in it.

For more information and photographs, check out the Team-Lab website.
Spotted on Designboom.

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