Moving towards the dark side // 7 lovely examples of dark painted walls

Over the last years i pretty much automatically went for white walls anywhere.

There's a lot to be said in favour of a white wall: its a tabula rasa that looks clean, bright, light, doesn't distract from art and doesn't clash with any color your furniture might have.

White walls are a bit like Helvetica: neutral and safe.
There's just nothing wrong with a white wall.

But lately... lately i've been slowly moving to the dark (and chalky) side.

Tribeca Penthouse, Greenwich Hotel NYC
By Axel Vervoordt & Tatsuro Miki
spotted here

Photograph by Louis Lemaire
Spotted on Remodelista

Apartment styled by Hans Blomquist
Photograph by Marcus Lawett
Spotted on Villa d'Esta

Photograph from Tommaso Sartori
-spotted here-

Spacious apartment of Sussi Trampedach in Kopenhagen
Photographs + article from Bo Bedre
-Spotted here-

From Colour Locale
-spotted here-

Interior in Sao Paolo
From Yatzer - photographs by Lufe Gomes
Spotted on Roseland Greene (who made a pretty important cut in the original image)

Don't you agree the dark colors add a bit of glamour and mystique, or should i say 'drama' to these interiors?
It also evokes a sense of determination, of boldness - this is not just another wall, it's a Wall: A deliberate choice has been made here.
A stance has been taken, opposing the casualness and plainness of painting our walls white without giving it a second thought.

Well, i'm ready for a second thought. Are you?

All that said: i probably won't be touching the walls of our current rental apartment with a black brush anytime soon, as it'd be too much hassle getting it back to its original state.
But.. we do have a move planned in about half a year, and right now i'm quite convinced we might just start painting things black (or dark green/blue/grey) then.

Let's be adventurous!


My Spot | Jan and Henry for Menu

Photograph courtesy of Menu

My Spot by Czech designers Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus (JanandHenry) for Danish label Menu.

I just thought it's so clever and pretty.
Now all i need to do is free up a wall...


Time for chalk

Spring is here!
Time to pavement-chalk for X.

Although we still have an abundance of chalk-left-overs from last year, this DIY by Playful Learning might entice me to make my own sidewalk-chalk this year.

Visit the Playful Learning website for the full tutorial.
Home-made sidewalk-chalk by Playful Learning
-Spotted here-


Party on gas | Helium balloons

Aynhoe Park, Cotswolds - England | spotted here | original source unknown

I know there's a worldwide Helium-shortage (read about it here, for example), but an image like this makes me so happy.

Who'll come up with the amazingly clever idea to create atmospheres like this, without wasting helium?


Colors of spring

By WorldofDriftwood

Meteorologically, spring has started a couple of days ago. Can't wait for the warmer weather to start & the greenery to come out again.

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