Chocolate done well | Compartes

Photographs from Compartes.com
Seems like a pretty solid business case to me: Take something everyone loves, make it look pretty.
Why didn't anyone think of this before?

Photographs from Compartes.com

It's not just the packaging, the bars themselves look equally beautiful.
And with tastes like 'Cocoa Caliente' (dark chocolate with cinnamon and pepper), 'Pina Colada' and 'Caramelized popcorn', these chocolate bars probably taste as good as they look.

I need to try these.
Photograph from Compartes.com
Photographs from Compartes.com

For more, check out the website of this LA-based chocolatier.


Charging your phone with a stained glass window

Current Window by Marjan van Aubel - print design by Marine Duroselle
image from Marjanvanaubel.com, Photograph by Wai Ming Ng

From the designers' website:
"Current Window is a modern version of stained glass — using current technologies. The coloured pieces of glass are generating electricity from daylight, and can even harness diffused sunlight. This electricity can be used to power a whole range of electrical appliances. The glass pieces are made of ‘Dye Sensitised Solar Cells’, which use the properties of colour to create an electrical current — just like photosynthesis in plants. Similarly to the various shades of green chlorophyll absorbing light, the coloured window panes harness energy.
Plug in your devices through integrated USB ports in the window ledge. The greater the surface exposed, the more energy will be collected. Imagine these windows in churches, schools, and workplaces! Current Window offers us an example of energy-harvesting in a natural and aesthetic way, for our future."

Yes please.
I like these photographs from Marjan van Aubels Instagram account even better:

And there's a table too:
Current table by Marjan van Aubel - Graphics by Marine Duroselle
image from Marjanvanaubel.com, photograph by Wai Ming Ng / Mathijs Labadie


Crayons, but better

photographs courtesy of fromkeetra.com
COLORS: Retooling Crayons by Keetra Dean Dixon.

photographs courtesy of fromkeetra.com
photographs courtesy of fromkeetra.com


modular, raw, industrial - kitchen inspiration

Reform kitchen by Norm Architects.
Materials: fibre concrete, mdf, tombac
Photographs from Norm Architects / Reform (spotted here)

Kitchen for a private residence in The Hague, by Interior Architect Remy Meijers.
Photograph from Remymeijers.nl (first spotted here)

Cabinet Kitchen by Studio Thol / House of Thol
Materials: American White Oak, Aluminum, Concrete
Photographs via houseofthol.nl

Halbhaus by Jonathan Tuckley


Sea-made beauty: Intertidal Deployment Object Series 2

Intertidal deployment object series 2 - 0001
By Something Like This Design
Image courtesy of Something Like This Design

 US Design Studio 'Something Like This Design' (Trygve Faste and Jessica Swanson) came up with this beautiful collection of ceramic objects that are both man- and sea-made.

Intertidal deployment object series 2 - 0002
By Something Like This Design
Image courtesy of Something Like This Design

The separate porcelain pieces were submerged in the ocean, allowing marine life like barnacles to attach to their surface.

Intertidal deployment object series 2 - 0004
By Something Like This Design
image courtesy of Something Like This Design

Love this!
One little thing though: I do wonder how these objects smell.
Living near the seaside i brought home many a barnacle-clad beachfind, and though pretty, they don't exactly smell of roses.

Intertidal deployment object series 02 - 0006
By Something Like This Design
image courtesy of Something Like This Design

More information on the 'Something Like This Design' website.
Spotted on Designboom.


In Hwa Lee: Ethereal porcelain

Shadowed color cup
White porcelain, 8,3 x 8 cm
By In Hwa Lee - photograph via Artaurea

Bowls - shadowed white cylinder set
White Porcelain, 26,5 x 10,5 cm
By In Hwa Lee - photograph via Artaurea
For more about South Korean Ceramic artist In Hwa Lee, check out Artaurea.

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